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About our company






Bluezone Telco is a leading provider of business Internet and telecommunications services on the northern border of Mexico.

Our mission is to connect companies to the Internet and help them improve their technological solutions through reliable and innovative services that are at the forefront of current advances and challenges.

We start operations  in the city of Reynosa and Mcallen, TX offering services through wireless links and since then we have positioned ourselves as a leading company in the sector of  Internet providers.

We became a Tier 2 provider by acquiring a pair of international Dark Fiber allowing us to connect to the Internet backbone and expand our bandwidth to 10 Gb and preparing our network for 100 Gb.  

We started the design and deployment of our DWDM and GPON Fiber Optic network in the city of Reynosa to interconnect our POPs and offer our service to end customers in 2022 with better capabilities.

We start the distribution of our service  Fibe x offering speeds of up to 1 Gb to our end customers. We started the implementation of our Data Center for services to carriers and ISPs of connectivity and Neutral transport.

Our vision is to expand our services to the 4 main cities of the northern border: Nuevo Laredo, Ciudad Juárez, Nogales and Tijuana.

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